Local business (HeartBeads)

June 2015

The challenge

Peter set out to find a professional partner who would be able to support him through exclusive customer loyalty campaigns in order to surprise his customers on a regular basis and create loyalty among his customers. “InMarkt turned out to be that partner”. Peter has several goals in mind. “Creating customer loyalty and generating higher purchases. We also want to be able to offer our customers something that is fun and unique.” In order to achieve his goals and meet his requirements, Peter discussed the options available to achieve this.

In-store promotion

We met with InMarkt to discuss what might be the appropriate programme for our purposes. I have found InMarkt to be an extremely professional partner.” One of the concepts for which InStore handled the entire promotional process for Jumbo Moonen was HeartBeads – a full range of charms which consumers can use to create their own charm bracelets. These unique charms all have their own special meaning, representing strength, happiness, humour and other concepts. Consumers can use their creativity to create personal and symbolic bracelets. They receive a stamp each time they make a purchase above a specific amount. When they have filled their card, they can buy the bracelets and charms at a discount. These charms are distributed exclusively by InMarkt, resulting in a unique activation.

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The effect

Peter is excited by the result of the activations: “While I expected the promotion to be a success, the feedback I received from customers and the quantities sold far exceeded my expectations.” The HeartBeads range of charms have given Peter the opportunity to delight his customers in a unique and fun way and improve customer loyalty in the process.

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