Local entrepreneur (Party in the Kitchen)

Party in the Kitchen at Albert Heijn Franeker

Albert Heijn Franeker opened a brand new cooking studio in 2016. In order to promote this among their target group, families and children, Mirjam Kuipers of Albert Heijn Franeker decided to use the savings concept Feest in de Keuken (Party in the Kitchen). There are six cooking sets to save for Feest in de Keuken. For example, there is a Choco set, Pizza set or a Popcake and Cupcake set. Customers receive a stamp for every €5.00 spent, with 6 stamps making up a full card.

About the promotion

“To win a cooking workshop, parents could post photos on Facebook of themselves cooking with their children. We chose to use local children for all of our communications,” says Mirjam Kuipers.
The giveaway was highly visible with a reach of 15,000 people and a large number of shared photos.
Evaluating, Mirjam says that the timing of the promotion could have been better for her. With the lovely weather, fewer people are active in the kitchen. Of course this affects the sales of the savings sets. Together with Mirjam, we are thinking about a way to optimise this.

Partnership with InMarkt
According to Mirjam, this is going fine. There is nothing out of the ordinary, and everything is going very well.

Party in the Kitchen

Party in the Kitchen facebook post