Local business (Cor Vissers Cartoon Bags)

June 2015

The challenge

Guus, the owner of Plus Sturing wanted to stand out from the pack in a fun and original way. “Having established myself as a retailer in this area six months ago, I’m looking to raise my profile. The Plus Sturing supermarket is based in Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands. The retailer says he has another goal in addition to promoting his store: “Increasing my involvement with the catchment area.” Guus engaged the services of InMarkt in order to use original concepts at the local level. InMarkt managed the full process around several concepts displayed in-store at the Plus Sturing supermarket, including the “Unique Little Supermarket” promotion and the range of cartoon bags designed by Cor Vissers.

In-store promotion

In order to increase visibility and engagement with his store’s catchment area, Guus wanted to strengthen ties between local stores, other businesses and the local community by using the customized cartoon bags designed by the illustrator Cor Vissers. Since the bags are tailor-made for each client, the retailer has the option to incorporate local elements into the promotion. The bags featured an image of the local playground and other local spots. “We displayed the name of the local playground association on one of the six bags, as well as listing the name of the town where the store is based. These local identifiers activate the retailer’s local customers, which, in turn, creates loyalty and engagement. Retailers can offer their customers a colourful and convenient gift, something that customers remember and tend to use multiple times.

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The effect

Guus has been very satisfied to date with the extent to which the cartoon bags managed to activate customers. “Beforehand, I expected to receive positive feedback from customers.” Guus recently displayed the cartoon bags in his store. “Initial feedback has been great, but we’re not done yet. We are still selling the range of bags.”

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