(Local entrepreneur) Jamie Oliver Barbecue

Jamie Oliver BBQ at PLUS Dennis van Moorsel

At PLUS Dennis van Moorsel, quality comes first. A quality brand like Jamie Oliver fits in well with this, which was one of the reasons for Dennis van Moorsel to choose this programme for his shop floor. Customers receive a stamp for every €10.00 spent, with five stamps making up a full card. With the full card plus an additional charge, they can purchase items such as a BBQ tong, spatula, apron and glove, as well as various models of barbecue.

About the promotion

For this shop, Jamie Oliver BBQ fits in with a long-term programme to promote loyalty. There are several programmes possible with Jamie Oliver as a brand. Prior to the barbecue savings promotion, Dennis van Moorsel offered Jamie Oliver knives on the shop floor. “Jamie Oliver is a quality brand, and the products fit in with multiple food and drink categories. This means that customers can collect all kinds of products related to food and social activities at their PLUS,” says Dennis van Moorsel.

The positioning of a promotion on the shop floor is very important. Dennis van Moorsel has chosen to place the stand on a square where several product groups converge. In addition, the whole display was decorated with a summer theme. Dennis van Moorsel: “Customers are really enthusiastic about it, especially given the time of year!”


About the partnership

PLUS Dennis van Moorsel has already been working with InMarkt for some time and Dennis van Moorsel reports that this is going well. One of the things he finds important is InMarkt’s ability to manage the whole programme. They discuss the shop’s purpose and then fully develop the programme accordingly.

Jamie Oliver knife set