Exclusive brands

Our range of exclusive brands – of which we are the sole distributor – gives you the opportunity to offer your consumers exclusive products that enable you to stand out in your local catchment area. These versatile products can also be used as exclusive promotional materials for shopper or brand activation. We offer the following brands:

Dutch Arrows

Dutch Arrows is a brand providing quality bags and accessories for every occasion, appealing to a wide audience.

Dutch Arrows logo


Plus-Plus: a simple format with infinite possibilities! Plus-Plus are toy blocks which children aged 3-12 can use to create an endless number of structures and shapes.

Plus-Plus Groen

WOW Toys

WOW Toys manufactures and designs high-quality, timeless toys whose original designs and indestructible materials give them a one-of-a-kind quality. Examples include a princesses’ carriage or an airplane.



HeartBeads manufactures a variety of products, including jewellery such as charm bracelets and summer bracelets. Several lines of jewellery have already been launched under the HeartBeads brand name, including Summer Bracelets and Family & Friends.

Heartbeads logo

Plush village

The Plush Village brand has created several lines of unique, high-quality cuddly toys, including the Farmies and the soon-to-be-launched Safaries.

Plush Village logo1