HeartBeads is a jewellery brand whose range includes items such as charm bracelets, charms and summer bracelets. One of the most popular items are the HeartBeads charm bracelets, a delightful jewellery line that allows consumers to create and customize their own bracelets, choosing from the 54 charms available (each of these charms has its own special meaning).

For an enhanced brand experience, the newest line, HeartBeads Family & Friends, has teamed up with the popular Dutch TV personality Irene Moors and her daughter Rosalie.

The line of Summer Bracelets were recently launched alongside the charms: these on-trend seasonal bracelets can be mixed and matched to create a fresh and sunny look.

Website: www.heartbeads.eu 

                        Summer bracelets

Heartbeads charm                        Summer Bracelets: on-trend seasonal bracelets to be mixed and matched


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